Operating independently, Maria’s Casa supports families within the guiding principles of Maria Montessori by providing care following a full day program, just steps from our back door. You may sign your child up for every day or have your child drop in for an afternoon with a few hours notice, and anything in between. Maria’s Casa strives to provide a calm and loving environment, a home away from home for the children who stay with us throughout the afternoon.



Each day, the children eat lunch in their own classroom with their other Maria's Casa friends. Once the children have washed their dishes, they go outside to play for 45-60 minutes.

In small groups the children go to the garden level room to lie down for a nap or rest. 

Prior being picked-up or going outside, all of the children gather in a circle for games and songs, and stories are read aloud to the whole group or small groups of children on a daily basis. The children very much enjoy the opportunity to come together.

Weather permitting, children eat a healthy snack outside on the playground. Snacks are provided with an emphasis on whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Organic food is offered as much as possible, with an aim to have gluten- and dairy-free options daily; Maria’s Casa is a nut-free environment and allergy aware.

Every afternoon includes a craft or art project. Maria’s Casa takes pride in providing stimulating and meaningful art projects for the children, where they are introduced to different artists as well as different art periods. Changing seasons are always acknowledged and become additional inspiration for art projects, as do seasonal celebrations. In addition to daily art work, cooking/food preparation activities are offered on most Fridays.




Maria's Casa is for children attending Montessori In Town. Maria's Casa leaders work closely with parents
and Montessori In Town guides to determine when a child no longer requires an afternoon rest.